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There comes in my life that I was so down, and been tested a lot by experience. I feel like being dumped and left like trash. It was the most down moment in my life when my business went down. Sometimes, when you work hard on something you want and fall it down, you will feel the pain and hard to overcome. It is hard to accept why the person you love the most left you. It is hard to understand why she vanishes into my life that all I ever did was to love her so much.


After all, I have been through; I thought I wouldn’t be happy again. I felt that no one will ever make me back for who I am before. I used to be the happiest guy you will ever meet. Even though there are lots of problems I am going through, it doesn’t matter as long as I have Charice with me. Charice is the most important person in me, she is my girlfriend for five years and thought that she would be my wife. I have lots of dreams for the both of us. I thought that she would never leave me and replace with another man. I felt her love was genuine, and she won’t do anything to ruin everything we have. Out of all the people, she is the only one that could make my day brought. I thought that she would never betray me, but she still did.


The hardest part is when you assume someone loves you back. It is hard when someone let you feel special for so long but still end up with you. It is hard to be left alone, and it is not easy to start all over again. People always told me that I should have moved on because Charice already did. But no matter how much I tried, the memories keep hunting me back. No matter how much I forget her, I always end up crying and wishing to have a second chance.


Until I heard that Charice is engaged. It pains me a lot, I was supposed to be the one to asked her to be my wife. But it did not happen. I am still left in the past and wanted to continue my life. I want to start again. Until I book a cheap London escort that made me feel that I am worth it. Cheap London escort is the reason why I choose to start all over again my life. Every time I book a cheap London escort, I slowly forget Charice and my happiness came back. It was nice to know that cheap London escort of helps me emotionally. Cheap London escort is fun to book

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